Sugarloaf 2/24-2/26/19

Wanted to leave home by 6 this morning but overslept by an hour and then hit snow covered roads by Augusta. By the time I found a parking spot, shuttled up, picked up tickets and geared up it was noon. Report showed Wiffletree, King Pine, West Mountain, Double Runner, and Timberline already on windhold.

With only the SuperQuad open from bottom, the singles line took 15 minutes and then the ride up was absolutely brutal and I knew that the SuperQuad wouldn't be long until it also got shut down. First run was down Winters Way to check out the natural bumps, but a lot of ice underneath the fresh snow so bailed onto Sluice which was sweet fresh snow on cord. Hopped on Skyline which wasn't as brutal as the SuperQuad and the strongest winds were at the bottom.

A smart person would've hung around by the T-Bar but like a dumbass I headed down too far and decided to grab lunch. Skied Dropline which was so deep you need a full face shield to avoid some of the branches. Hopped into Ram Pasture which also had a lot of nice snow in it. Arrived to a closed SuperQuad.

Had lunch in the madhouse of a base lodge and quickly realized that my cat skiing time of 2:30 wasn't happening as it takes quite a while just to get over there. At 1:30 I got refund on that and then sat around for a while. Finally at 2:15 the SuperQuad opened back up. Skyline stayed down so T-Bar was the only way to the upper mountain.

Got 3 runs in before closing from the quad/T-Bar combo. First was down Kick Back which was in sick shape...tons of fun in those trees. 2nd run I traversed all the way out to Misery Whip which had a really fun bump line down the middle and filled with powder. Then Rookie River to the bottom although I ended up at the stream way too early so kinda killed the run for me. Last run was Ramdown to Boardwalk looking for some untracked powder on groomed. Fun up high but very windblown further down.

Just got back from dinner at the Bag and the wind at the base was surprisingly calm and it's dumping outside. Gonna get out early in the morning tomorrow with hopes of getting a few runs in. Not expecting the mountain to be open very long but hope it stays calm for a couple hours

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