Sugarloaf – 2/3/13

Date(s) Skied: 2/3/13

Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf

Conditions: Frozen Granular, Hardpack, manmade, etc.

Trip Report:

I figure a little "Pre-Summit" stoke is due. Conrad did a fairly good job summing up the conditions so I figure the pics can speak for themselves.

The "upside - downside - upside" on the latest weather:

Upside - Sugarloaf snowmakers are killing it. They turned what should have been a total mess into something still fun and salvageable. AND, the coverage is better than last years summit.

Downside - Unless we get some good luck from mother nature, everything natural will be out for this coming weekend. (save MAAAAAYBE Ripsaw and Double Bitter but I wouldn't venture down there. They were off today)

Upside - See above. And, the Bag will be open.

They flattened Skidder save three massive kickers. Hayburner was fantastic today. The new guns put out some real nice stuff and it held all day. Scoot formed some nice soft bumps as they wrapped up snowmaking around 1 and let everyone just push it around. The manmade stuff "almost" felt like powder. Timberline was tragic. Bulletproof and bare in some spots. Nothing else from the summit was open. Upper tote looks like they are trying to get it back in play. Haulback was surprisingly nice.

Overall, great day. Very surprised that it was skiing as good as it was. Here's what I have for you:

Riding up timberline

Looking up Timberline

And down

Looking down from just past Skyline

Scoot 1

Scoot 2

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