Sugarloaf – AlpineZone Summit 4.0

Much more to come, but today was a great day. Definitely some dust-on-crust, but in many places the powder overcame it, and with refreshes of snow all day was awesome. Made turns with dozens of AZ'ers. I will be posting lots of pics, videos, and more in the coming days.


Some pics, all from Sunday because Saturday was too damn cold / windy to break out the camera, although I do have gopro footage.

Ski Stef and vdk03

Welcome party. It was PACKED!

bvibert quote: "Shots are my favorite"

vdk03's brother. He was out of commission Sunday morning. Partied hard!

Heading up for first tracks

View from the Superquad unloading station

View up to the snowfields

Sunday was a crystal clear morning

Just awesome conditions, soft snow

bvibert in brackett basin

The cruise out of brackett


allskiing under Skyline

bvibert coming down Spillway

Gondola line, maybe?

small stump hop in Brackett

Freshies in Brackett with the Loaf in the background

More pics are also up on the AlpineZone Instagram page that I took from my phone
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