Sunapee 12-1-12

Hit the mountain at around 9. Light Snow was falling and temps were in the low 20's. My buddy and I rode up the Express over bare ground and hit Wingding down the Sunbowl. Very scratchy and some boilerplate on the upper section. They were blowing snow still, so conditions improved when I tried it again later on. After that bad experience, we lapped Blast Off 4 times. Much better than Wingding, nice 18'' base, softer snow and freshly groomed. After that we attempted Wingding again. Improved somewhat and a little squall blew through, which was nice. After lapping Wingding again, and one last run down Blast off, we called it a day.

Snow was being made on Skyway Ledges, Westside and Chipmunk.

Overall: Decent. Wingding was't great, another day of snowmaking should cover it up nicely. Edge to edge on Blast Off, great early season corduroy. Didn't check out South peak.

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