Sunapee 2/5/15

Sunapee 2/5/15 report:

In a word - great ski day. Well, half a day.

I got snarled by the Boston traffic. My original plan was to hit Cannon but by the time I actually hit the MA-NH line, it became apparent that even making even the 1/2 day start time at Cannon would be pushing it and the driving conditions were not the best.

Best conditions on the trails (broken up powder with soft base) were to be had off the Sunbowl Express. My favorite was Skyway. Since there were very people on the slopes (mid week and low temps with a significant windchill), I had really had fun just blasting through the broken up powder there.

The powdery moguls on Lift Line (under the Sunbowl Express) were a real ego boost - I needed that since this was my first time out this season. The bumps patterns are a bit weird but there are some nice lines to be had.
I had much more trouble with the bumps on Flying Goose. Yes there were powder filled (mostly) but it was wind packed snow, with hard stuff just below and I just did not have the legs for it.

All of the trails off the main lift were hard underneath what fell that morning (2-3 inches??) and in many places, wind scoured. You wouldn't know that the area did get 13 inches just a couple of days ago. Yes, you could dig edges into it with no problem but it was not soft. Still fun for carving.

Best surprise and new to me: Cataract Glades (off North Triple). I've never had the chance to ski these trees and yesterday it was open, soft although no virgin lines. Great glade run. Tree spacing is just perfect for a more spirited run and the pitch is just great.

So even though I had just half a day, it was of high quality and by 3 PM my quads were burnt. I persisted for a while longer but the dropping temps (about 5*F on top) and the wind was making the last few runs a test of my endurance.

Overall , a great, mostly sunny and very satisfying session.

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