Sunapee 3/16/18

Sunapee - Friday 3/16/18

Took the Friday off hoping for no-crowds skiing in great mid-winter conditions. The hopes came through. What a contrast to my last visit there this past Sunday (broken lift - huge crowds). Despite a lot of cars in the lots, almost empty slopes, and essentially ski-on at the lifts.

They fixed the Sunapee Express lift which was the cause of so much crowding last Sunday and the conditions were superb.
Soft cover on groomers which made carving high speed arcs a real treat. Glades, although well packed still skied fine (bumps with trees). A couple of trails were left in their natural condition, like Goosbumps. Most joy for me was on the natural bumps under the Sunapee Express. Bumps were soft, well formed lines and almost no slick stuff in between.

The bumps seemed to have been formed mostly by skier traffic. I have nothing against snowboarders but they do form bump patters that just don't ski well - weird, but that's what it is.

Best of all, my wife came with me and so it was nice to share the stoke. On groomers, we're on par, so flying together was just pure joy.

Yeah, Sunapee is for the most part an intermediate hill, at best, but for a week day trip it fits the bill. We also bought their Spring Pass when they came out so being able to save some $$ is pretty cool too.
Over all a great outing and nice leg tune up for tomorrow's trip to Cannon.

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