Sunapee 3/18/17 report

Super day - sunny, temps in low 20's in the morning, very light wind, warmer in the afternoon. Full sunshine all day with great visibility.
Snow: mostly packed powder, with a few slick spots showing up in mid afternoon due to ski/rider traffic. It was a delight to set your edges and rip deep arcs. Moguls underneath the quad in the Sunbowl had some ice in the troughs so it wasn't ideal. The mogul field on North Peak (FlyingGoose) was a bit better. Snow, being the natural kind never really iced up and for the most part remained edgeable throughout the day.
Groomers did a splendid job with the reported 16" of snow ( that fell on Monday plus some additional dusting later on ) and smoothed out most of the trails. It was just a blast to jet down the slopes. After 2 PM trails with more traffic were getting a bit bumpy.
It was quite busy but I went solo and the single lines helped me move rather quickly. Despite the sizable crowd, quite often I had big stretches of slopes completely open. The day was super fun.

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