Sunday River 012-11-23

Started at 8 Am and did 3 laps on right stuff. When it's fresh groomed (read that snow pushed back onto the trail evenly) it is pretty nice. It gets scraped down after a couple hours. Still fun, but you pass from a little boiler plate/hard pack, to piles of snow. I prefer skiers left, due to visibility as the shade is just that much more of an issue on the right. I had a couple bumps launch me, which is great for adrenaline!

After that, I skied everything available off Barker. They opened Monday Morning. It's a little narrow, but tons of mounds to go over. Lots of fun, if still a little crunchy. Tomorrow will be less crunchy, I am sure.

Didn't see evidence of snowmaking. I discussed this with some other skiers on the way up the lift. We speculated that they would be opening up more of South ridge, where they get more day trippers and sell more tickets. They don't make much off the 4 of us season pass holders. One guy admitted to buying 2 beers last year, while I admitted to buying a bowl of chowder. Come to think of it, I did buy an overpriced burger at pond skimming day.... But that was a whole 'nother thread....

Only did 8 runs today. Things to do. more people were coming in today and it started to crowd up. The upper portions are bit narrower and they cluster up a bit. A few more rocks showing up in the snow, and a little tweak of my knee tells me I'll take the rest of the weekend off. Get rid of the crowds, I'd probably stay more, but this is the only game in town right now, and it promises to be busy.

There was a DMC sighting today. A huge duffle bag with DMC on it, as well as Sunday River, locked to a wood column with a large cable and zipper locks.

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