Sunday River 12/1 & 12/2 (Downdraft!)

Finally got a start to my ski-season! didn't ski this weekend, stuck to the board.

Started at southridge, headed over to Spruce-- hit risky business, the only open trail off of the lift.

Moved over to barker, sampled all the goods -- snow was manmade but coverage was great. Enjoyed Right Stuff, the Punch, Cascades and the Jungle boogie road. Edges of trails held plenty of snow for some nice early season carves, avoided the middle of the trails mostly -- wasn't icy, just not as good as the sides. Pretty crowded -- decided to head over to Tempest. It had expert markings, giant snowmaking whales and features, lots of fun and a good challenge...

Made our way back to Spruce via the lazy river -- and headed up to find, Downdraft had been opened! (and it seems nobody noticed) we continued to ski downdraft time after time -- best snow, snowmaking whales like tempest but with less traffic and better coverage... jumps and bumps....

Sunday, more of the same as far as trails -- throwing on a Santa suit for the AM session. Snow was deliciously buttery and carvable. Great snow all over the hill, not much in the form of rain -- but fog was an issue -- kept the hero factor on the snow a bit lower and slower -- once again, we repeatedly hit primarily Downdraft, mixing in a few others that we missed the day before (T2, monday morning, whim, grand rapids-- top secret groomer of the day, entrance hidden by fog)

Great to be back on the snow -- some santa pics to come!

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