Sunday River 12/30

I went to Sunday River by bus today as my brother redeemed a groupon from last year (and he waited until the last possible trip). At least he got to use it even though we claimed 2 of the last 4 seats on the Wednesday before. They did have 5 no shows though as it supposed to be a sold out bus. Made pretty good timing as we got there at 9:25 am but I could see it wasn't easy for the bus driver as the ME Turnpike looked like it was a mess (but nothing too major. Noticed the toll increases; $11.50 from someone from MA to go to Sunday River in total roundtrip tolls via 95 since the York toll is now up to $3.

It was a bit windy up top on the mountain, but I stuck through the day by having fun lapping the North Peak Quad. Dream Maker skied nicely as there were fresh bumps of snow on it. Yes, it is a green, but skiers right was more of a (low end) blue. 3d had huge bumps on it. Lines got to be as much as 15 minutes for the NPQ just before lunch but then it emptied out pretty quickly to be almost ski on after 1. I noticed it felt much colder on top of Barker as the wind was considerably stronger, so I only got a couple runs in as it was very icy at the top of that area and Spruce. Tried to get on the Aurora chair but it wasn't loading when I tried to do so around 12:30 pm.

It was certainly the busiest I have ever seen Sunday River despite a couple lifts being closed, and a locals were saying the word is the mountain set a record of the busiest day ever on 12/28.

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