Sunday River – 12/8/14

Date(s) Skied: 12/8/14

Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River

Conditions: 15 - 20 Degrees, Mostly Sunny. No Wind. Groomed snow or set-up frozen un-groomed snow.

Trip Report:
With a use it or lose it vacation policy at work, this was a pre-planned PTO day set aside to ski.....Otherwise I probably would have not picked this day to skip work & go skiing for the day, but as the saying goes a bad day of skiing is better than a good day at work. Not one to typically seek out groomers, today was primarily a groomer only kind of day, and it was actually fun. It was especially more enjoyable being Mid-week, which meant hardly any crowds on the trails. You could really arc some nice big turns in the corduroy without having to worry about some out of control Joey taking you out. Sunday River really shines when it comes to grooming & making the best of not so good snow/conditions. The groomers never turned scratchy, and the corduroy was very edge-able. You could really let the skis run & not worry about hitting any ice or scraped off trail conditions. The cold along with the lack of crowds meant there was plenty of fresh tracks to be laid in the corduroy all day long. I did attempt to ski some un-groomed trails (or sections) just to mix it up, however it was frozen solid for the most part. I did hit some nice patches here & there, but nothing really to speak of. The wood line of American Express probably had the best snow for an extended patch of bumped up snow.

TOD: Airglow

This picture sums up the day.

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