Sunday River 2012-11-19

Headed on up for first chair this morning, the Barker quad. A nice day out and lots of guns blowing, but only one on anything that was open (Sunday Punch near the lift line). Made for some great skiing early on. Bases are being built up to respectable thickness, though the top surface is thin and scrapes down fast.

First run was on Right stuff, a black, nice and a touch fast, still a little crusty. I took runs on the few other offerings and came back to it for run #5, and was scraped down in some areas, very fast. A little more than I wanted at this point in the season, especially with the shade covering it pretty good.

Sunday punch was a nice ride. I even ventured down the terrain park on upper Sunday Punch, avoiding the rails (too old for that...) and it was a nice ride down. T-2 was nice, not a whole lot of traffic, and well lit up by the sun. Cascades was fast, and you needed that speed to get you back over to the Barker quad at the bottom of the run.

It was nice day out, and I got to chat with folks going up the chair. Another remodeler taking the day off, a couple who own the Gourmet in a Pinch, a mile past the brew pub heading into Bethel. They don't open until 11 monday thru Thursday (longer hours weekends, obviously), so, they snowboard!!! I stopped by on the way back home and chatted with them. What a nice set up, with a drive thru. Some good food for the ride home and dinner for 2 is cheaper than 2 whoppers, and much better for you. Wish I had known about them when I lived in South Portland (Of course, they weren't opened up then). The choices were dogs at the Irving or wait until you get to South Paris and have a sit down meal. Anyways, for those looking for something good to eat for the ride home, give them a shot. I hope I am not violating any advertising taboos, but this is the kind of place I could have gone for back when I lived in South Portland.

Back to the trip report. I worked out in my basement gym this morning, then headed up to the River. I was determined to make 8 runs today. I had a high of four previously, and I want to get my legs in shape. It's a long fun season ahead! I did manage to get in 8 runs, non stop, top to bottom, and yes, my legs were feeling it. Looks like I can go tomorrow AM again, Let's see how I do tomorrow!

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