Sunday River 2012-11-20

Got my 9 AM start after a workout this morning. Gotta get the legs in shape for what will hopefully be a nice long snowy winter. 4 ways down today, everything was groomed and a nice sunny day to go with it!

There was a crowd at opening, but after that it was ski to the lift. I started down Right Stuff, just because. There was a crowd at the top, but then they all just stopped, except of line of 6 that carved down the left side, single file style. So I went down the right side. Came over one rise and I saw brown in front of me; quick turn to the center of the run gained lots of speed, slowed back down and continued on. Nice soft cord this morning. Came right back up and did it again!

Next run was across jungle road to T-2 and the cascades. Light was good today and even in the shade I could follow the contours just fine. Hardly anyone on that run, so I came right back up and did that one again. Was going to do it again, but that side of the lift was a total cluster, so back to Right stuff. Really couldn't go wrong where ever you skied today. I did a couple runs down Ecstasy and the lower punches then went for a final run down upper Sunday Punch, where the terrain park is, and I got lucky enough to follow a boarder going over some of the features. I do love to watch these guys show off!

Today's tally is 8 runs, non stop top to bottom, no breaks, then I had to run to meet some appointments today. Tomorrow is Turkey day for me, and real turkey day is ski for me!!!!

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