Sunday River 2012-11-26

I avoided skiing this weekend as the crowds would be in full force. Went up today and as I headed up the chair, I was getting snowed on. The River is just pounding the snow guns, so I wasn't sure, but as I got uphill and away from the guns, I saw lots of 6 pronged beautiful snowflakes landing on me! Real snow!!!! I just had to share that, now on with the report:

First thing, I did 4 laps on Right Stuff. It is just so nice early on and groomed up. I am finding myself doing laps on it early every day. A fun, fun trail. Saw some pine cones fallen from the trees on the trail, but no rocks. First two runs I had the trail to myself. A quick glance over my shoulder a couple times down the slopes to make sure I wouldn't cut off a faster skier trying to get by, and I was good to go all over the trail. Wide left, wide right, I owned the entire trail!

After a break and some cheese and crackers, I was back out. I took ecstasy to Sunday Punch, and that was a pretty nice run. Second time I had it all to myself, so I shot it. Whatarush!!!! Nice! Then I took Jungle Road to T-2 and the Cascades. The upper section of Cascades was okay, with only a few rocks showing up in the snow. The lower section of Cascades is awful (below over easy). Rocks strewn about, ice showing up here and there, as well as slush. Not in keeping with what the River normally provides.

But I take the good with the bad. The river is trying to expand, as well as provide more cover on some trails. They have to pick and choose. I can tell you this, they are blowing tons of snow. South ridge is just getting blanketed over what was open and expanding, and on Spruce also. They are looking to open up Tempest soon and the connecting trails. If they are doing all that, I can deal with cascades falling behind the curve.

Today, there were essentially three ways down, Right Stuff to Lower Sunday Punch, Ecstacy to Sunday Punch, Jungle Road to Cascades. Or with the crossovers you can mix it up a bit. The terrain park is off Jungle road on upper Sunday Punch. They had a sign that said park skills required. I am guessing they want to dissuade folks like from just riding thru it, but I did see an awful lot of ICE on the sides, so I stayed out like a good little skier. I also see that the ticket prices have risen from $39 to $49. I'd say there is a distinct downgrade today from last week, but when they get the next area of trails open, the increase will be more appropriate.

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