Sunday river 2012-11-27

I started this morning with a good solid workout in my basement, notched it up a little bit. Figured I'd be fine. Turns out, maybe not.....

I started first chair at Barker and did 4 laps on Right stuff, 2 basically were just me! I am loving this trail. One ride up the lift, I rode with a couple of students from Gould Academy. I took the opportunity to inquire how ski school works. Turns out the ski Tuesday thru Friday for half a day and school the other half. They have a bus that transports them. They have to bring their own gear, and most time the tickets are included, though sometimes they have to purchase a ticket, depending on the event. Competitions are about every two weeks, and take up the whole day. 5:30 AM wake up for Sugarloaf, and get back late at night. For training, they have structured skiing and free time. One of them comes from Mass and dorms right at Gould.

After a break, I went back up and took Esctasy. No one on it, so I shot it. I love that windy trail for shooting it. Sunday punch was a little scrapey here and there but a good ride back to the lift. Back up the lift, I was going to do Lazy River, but Right stuff was empty. Another lap, flying as fast as I dared this time.

Then back up to Lazy River. There was a sign that said experts only. I figured it would say Advanced only as it is only recently opened. I kinda wondered what I was getting into. Lazy river was thin cover but fast, curvy, hilly and fun! When I got to Lower Risky business, I saw why they said experts. Snow guns were blowing and it was whales and bumps with varying degrees of stickiness. I started to feel my quads on this run.

So over to South Ridge, just to see what was going on. Man, are they blowing a ton of snow there. They want to expand South Ridge and get the Chondy going. And they ain't messing around. I have never seen so many snow guns going at once. Thus fan guns take a lot of pressure off the air compressors.

Back to Barker and I figure I'll take Jungle road to T-2 and the Cascades, but forgive me, Right stuff is empty again! Cascades can wait! Next run was Jungle road, T-2 and Cascades. What a sight awaited me at Cascades. The attentive snow makers, God Bless them, had blown whales over the entirety of Cascades! They let it sit a day or two and then spread it all over the trail. Rocks are gone and those whales were fun! Yup, I can feel my quads about now.

I took a couple more runs, Ecstacy, and forgive me again, but I shot Right Stuff again! Then I took Ecstacy to Monday Morning. They had blown more whales on it and there were bumps on skier's right. Fun, but now my legs are about spent. I'm looking around and there is hardly anyone on mountain. I figured I one more run on Right stuff.... turns out I did! But I had precious little left in my legs after that run. The mountain was in great shape, they have layered more snow here and there. If I had anything left, I'd still be there. But that's all right, come mid season when it's really good, I'll be there!

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