Sunday River 2012-12-07

My old boss sent me an email asking about Friday skiing. I said yes!!!! So I get to the River for first chair, he's stuck behind school busses. (Leave 5 minutes late, arrive a half hour late). I take a couple laps on Right stuff and look for chairs with foot rests. I don't use them even if they are there, but he needs them for knee issues. Seems the triples and the chondy have them, so I remember that for when he arrives.

Normally, he skis in the spring, so this cold is new to him. He has a new helmet, but the draft are giving him an ice cream headache, so we go in to get a liner and he is good to ski all day! We ended up skiing all over the place from moonstruck to Escapade. Incredible conditions, especially given the time of year. Monday Morning was closed racing and Wildfire was race training also. As the afternoon wore, some trails were getting scraped down, but you could find snow here and there. Corduroy could still be found on Moonstruck, and while it is "only" a green, it is a fun twisty winding curving trail at the top.

I noticed the guns going here and there. It appears they are trying to open up all the night skiing areas, as well as expand towards Jordan for ski in and ski out for the Jordan Grand.

About 3:15, I had to call it as I had to go to work. Fortunately, work was about a quarter mile from the Barker lodge! I worked until Midnight thirty, then headed home. Long day, and I feel great afterwards!

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