Sunday River 2012-12-14

I took the opportunity to ski before work Friday. I had been watching the mountain improve from Monday's rain, which soaked all the snow. The cold weather froze it up good so there is decent base over the terrain that has snow. Pretty much everything that was open has been recoated and groomed a few times, so that made for some good skiing. Nice sunny day, low winds, great visibility from the top. I put in about 4 hours, but the covering layer is a bit thinner than before the rain (obviously).

Interesting thing happened. I was skiing down Escapade and I was behind some newbies, one who was really gripping, biding my time. Then at a wide part of the trail, it was like a parting of the seas, two went far left, two went far right, so I shot thru the middle and cleared them with more than plenty of room. I caught an edge and yard saled it, lost both skis. Only damage was to my ego. I bounced right up and put my skis back on. I couldn't help but think what I had just done for those newbies. Was it Don't do this? Was it, this is really tough and sometimes you fall. I truly hope I didn't discourage that one skier who was really having a hard time, and make him think that's it, I just saw a wipeout, and I'm done.

I called it shortly after noon and went to work early, as they had a rush job. I am just anxiously awaiting our first real snow storm, Monday, I hear!!!!

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