Sunday River 2013-01-16

This makes my third day for skiing in January, and it didn't disappoint. Snowing when I woke up, and it's my day off! The mountain took it on the chin with last week's thaw and rain, but they had 97 trails still open. This fresh snow was helping conditions greatly,a s well as all the snow guns they have going. I couldn't wait to get over to Jordan Bowl, and took some runs on Rogue Angel and Excalibur. Excalibur had an "Advanced terrain" sign posted. Not a problem, I can handle that. When I got past the sign, it obvious why it had the sign. Huge whales were blown all over the trail. I love skiing them. It was like Sunday River, with all it's snow guns was talking back to the thaw we just had and said "in your face", as they just absolutely pasted the trail with tons of snow! The river is doing a great job getting the trails back into condition. After 5 hours, my legs were toast, and there is always tomorrow! A great day when you give it all you have and feel way satisfied with the results!

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