Sunday River 2013-1-17

This was my second day off in a row, so it was back to the River for more skiing! They ran the groomers over pretty much everything open. I think they had 87 trails open yesterday and today it was 86. Wind holds slowed things down a bit. They are blowing snow in Aurora and and the wind is blowing it around. When we went to Jordan Bowl, the skiing was awesome, but our second trip back up the lift, the chairs were swinging pretty wildly at the top where they come out of the woods. We didn't want to get stuck in the basin if they had to close the lift, so we got out of there. Just as an FYI, if they have to close the lifts there and you are trapped in the basin, they do call for busses to come schlep you out of there and back down to another area.

Early skiing rules right now, as the snow scrapes off later in the day, although I did ski a sizeable chunk of corduroy on obsession, all to myself!:grin:

This is my last day of skiing for a week or so, but I can tell you that the crew at the river is all over it. They are working on covering up the terrain with the white stuff and opening up more of the mountain. These guys do a fantastic job of it.

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