Sunday River 3/6-3/8

Ski at SR every weekend so don't usually post trail reports. But nothing here for awhile so why not.

Had Friday off, ditched family and left early AM from MA and was on chair at 11:00. No rush, let it warm up. Beautiful perfect bluebird day.

It had snowed maybe 3-4 inches earlier in week and weekday pow hounds left lots around in the glades to play in. Celestial was untouched on left, 3 days later. Wow...can't wait to retire lol! Haven't spent much time in Jordan this winter - so hit Blinds Ambition. Very nice, seems a little skied off under the pow but there was plenty for me. Caramba was trail of day - perfect bumps. I spent some time skiing Locke line trails - nice when lift isn't running. What else...oh a lower chutzpah, very nice.

Saturday and Sunday was with husband. More glades - SuperNova was our fave this weeeknd. Basically, in most glades beautiful packed bumps with a rare obstacle every now and then. Very little ice. Avoided OZ trails, looked hellish from Jordan lift and Sunday LP and Emerald city were closed- looked treacherous. Everyone raves about Top Gun (kids included) - Took it SUnday - just another steep icy groomer where I try to scrub speed whole time lol.

Downdraft - maybe best bump trail of weekend - pure powder bumps til bottom ice slick. We're loving Gnarnia and Yetiville (hint-stay way way skiers left for beautiful untouched).

Groomers? Have no idea, sorry lol. Although I let my SL skis run on lower part of black hole - very fun. I don't do that if I fear ice - so this was a treat. Did seem to be typical skied off by noon on most groomers from what I could see (and hear)

so yeah - fucking fabulous at SR right now! Would be nice to have a cover but fine if nothing falls from sky.

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