Sunday River Freshies 4/13

Sunday River 4/13
Conditions Spring, hard pack, fresh wet snow

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

The forecast said rain. It was raining out when I left N. Conway. It was raining driving up the Sunday River access road. I thought of turning around several times but I did not. Then I turned onto the Barker mountain road and it happened. It turned to snow. Then heavy snow! Booted up at the car and jumped on the Barker express. It was coming down close to an inch an hour now. The snow up high was firm, and it softened as you you descended. I lapped the quad for a while on the groomed and the snow just kept falling. A heavy wet snow but awesome fun. each lap got better.

It was time to try some bumps. Lockline to Crossbow to Tightwire skied great, with the bumps getting softer each run. The mixture of a good base and 3-4 inches of new snow up high, and 1-2 inches down low blended well. Top gun and Agony stayed a bit firm up high, but were a load of fun. Went over to the White Heat quad and skied Obsession to the Chutzpa woods. Cover was a bit thin at the lower (open) entrance but good once you were in. Then it was White Heat to the Hardball woods. Covert there was great. Worthy of seconds.
I than went over to South Ridge to catch the freee passholders BBQ before it ended. Good stuff. Up the Chondola to North Woods. The entrance was thin but cover got better once in. I finished the run on absolutely which had nice spring bumps. It had stopped snowing by now, and started to ski more springlike. Did a couple runs off of the Spruce triple, Downdraft and Vortex. Downdraft was still firm underneath with some untracked lines of the new snow making it ski OK. Vortex was barely tracked and skied well if you picked an untouched line. Took a couple more runs through Lower North Woods and Enchanted Forest. Back up the Barker quad for a run through some unnamed (to me) woods, a couple of groomers, and called it a day at about three. All in all this day that did not look at all promising turned into a great spring day!
Today was a win!