Sunday River Opening day October 19, 2018

Here's a quick report from today.

I met a friend just after open for a few hours today for opening day at SR. Beautiful bluebird day with small crowds, and decent snow. Skiing was on a groomed T2, and ungroomed Upper Punch. Punch looked sketchy from the lift so we did our first half dozen or so runs on T2. Good from the start and it only improved to near spring conditions. It was mostly soft snow with some decent bumps by noon. On to Punch, it was a mixed bag, good at the top and then a bit sketcky, icy lower down with some waterbars in play. Not too bad. Overall. it was a great very early season day. No lines to speak of, except the download, as that was long all day. At times walking may have been a quicker way down. Snow was blown almost to the base but it was real thin and really sketchy looking, so it was a no go. Maybe tomorrow when the wait to get down will likely be beyond reasonable. Rock skis may be a good idea this weekend with the warm weather. I'll post up a few pics but they're not great.

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