Sunday River Turkey Day!

Lifts open at 8! I was there. A short line and from then on it was ski to the lifts. I started out 4 laps on Right stuff! Nice and soft, groomed up nice, and 3 of those runs, I had the entire trail to myself! In for banana and apple, back out. Started working my way across the mountain and enjoyed every run to skiers right. I took the Locke triple several times to access terrain not normally available in season. Real nice mountain views at the top of Locke.

Lessee, a slice of pie from yesterday's turkey dinner (brother and sister and I all had that day off, so we had a good meal get together yesterday), and I'm good to go, so I figured I'd go to South Ridge and see what is open. They have a nice selection for beginners. It was just a little chunky here and there, but otherwise very suitable for beginners. If they groom it tonight, it'll be real sweet tomorrow.

Back to the Barker quad and up the hill, took Jungle road to Sunday Punch to watch some kids on boards do their thing on the park features. Real cool!

Back in for a turkey sandwich after a dozen runs total. Legs seem fine today, no muscle soreness. I'm liking it!!!

Tent sale on the access road tomorrow, after some more skiing first thing, of course!

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