$teaux March 2, Monday

I usually ski Stowe on Fridays, but today persuaded me that Mondays are great days too. Usually Mondays are not so hot at most places because the hill gets pounded out on the weekend, the crew is pretty beat and there is a lot of work to do. Not so today.

Stowe always does pristine grooming, but they really do their magic when they can take some fresh pow (Saturday's 4-5", grind up the base and mix it all together. You get this PP/loose FGR mix, which, given this winter is a very good surface. There was hardly anyone there. We NEVER, I mean NEVER waited for a chair on the 4 runner quad or the gondi at any point during the day. So take the blacks and blues, with no people and man, did I rip! What was so much fun was being able to do wide radius carves all the way across the trail, and just glide it back and forth, top to bottom without any concern for other skiers and boarders - they simply were not there. I have never gotten so many runs in in such a short amount of time. I brought out the front side carvers - it's what you want until they get more snow, for the groomers. At about 2pm or so, the groomers started to firm up and got a little scratchy.
The bump trails were challenging - very firm bumps with a lot of loose medium-density pow. I forget where I was, maybe Chin Clip. I skied with my groomer buddies in the AM. When they left, I hit the bumps and the woods. I wish I could have done it opposite, since I was starting to get weary.

All the woods I was in, steep, mid and easy area skied brilliantly. Lots of pow and bumps in there. I was very disappointed to see some of my favorite places now named and posted on the trail map. Places got pounded out that I have never seen before.

I finished the day on some green runs. They were actually getting bit scratchy. I don't understand why; the temps started at -7 and ending at 10F.

Here are two photos. One of the gondi trails on Mani, and the other from my room showing what happens when roof snow melts and begins to slide but is arrested by the freeze up. It was like this on many rooftops in the area.
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