The Week in Review – 1/1-4/2013 local & MRG

Quick catch-up for the record ...

Tues 1/1/2013, local hill: Started breaking in new AT boots on New Year's Day in my first local skin of the season. Thin cover but enough base for skipping a meadow ...


and making some turns in low-angle woods:


I mostly avoided the snow snakes ...

Thurs 1/3/2013: Mad River Glen. -6F and besides my son and me there were two (count 'em, two) other non-patrol skiers in the base area when the chairs started carrying passengers at 9 ... rather different from the mob scene the preceding Friday, which word has it was a record revenue day for the co-op. Anyway, the thermometer may have scared people off but there was no wind so with sufficient layering, the cold was quite bearable. Only a dusting of snow overnight but plenty of nice leftovers to be found from the 4-6" the morning before:


Fri 1/4/2013: Mad River Glen. Nearly 30 degrees warmer than the day before. With about an inch of fresh and some wind to blow it around, the mountain was nicely refreshed, e.g. here in Falldise:


Lots of freshies on Lower Antelope (so good we did it twice) and pockets of knee-deep still could be found in Gazelle Glades. One more pic, my son taking to the air atop the Little Creamery steeps on Lower Antelope.

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