$towe 1/7

I couldn't resist going to Stowe seeing the amount of snowfall and the bus I saw going there today with paying $79 for the lift ticket and transportation. Got to Methuen to catch the bus at 6 to be there 15 minutes early and ended up getting a couple "midweek bus" donuts. Got to the hill around 9:30. It was a nice day and they were blowing snow like crazy on the front four and they were closed throughout the day. The amount of snow that was being blown was so much that all you could see around you is white snow. The word was that they were too icy yesterday from someone that skied them on 1/6 that rode the lift with me today. I went down hayride which had nice soft bumps. There were also plenty of fresh lines of powder to be had in the trees and whirlaway, which is a nice winding trail in Upper Spruce. Upper Smugglers also skied very nicely. Chin clip also had nice and soft bumps on the trail too.

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