$towe 3/23/2014

Date(s) Skied: 3/23/2014

Resort or Ski Area: $towe

Conditions: Dust on Crust

Trip Report:

Last-minute trip to $towe on Sunday, taking advantage of CSC Discount day. I-89 was very icy and snowy from White River Junction to Waterbury, thanks to a serious snow squal. Saw one plow truck in 60 miles... all the other VT DOT employees must've been attending Sunday mass.

It was still snowing and very windy when we pulled up to $pruce Camp at 8:30. But how bad can +3F and zero visibility be when you're greeted by heated walkways and automatic doors en route to the lodge?

We rode up "Gondola" (only at $towe) for our 1st run and headed down Upper, Upper Middle, Middle, Lower Middle, and Lower Perry Merrill (plus Perry Merrill Runout) for a warm-up run, where we were greeted with 6 inches of dust from Saturday night on top of the 6 feet of crust the mountain has gotten this month. We soon found that the glades were even dustier. We got sick of the 3-chair wait that built up at the FourRunner by mid-morning and headed across the transfer gondola. $pruce Peak was deserted and untouched through lunchtime. Mr. Golden Sun came out to play around 11am and the bluebirds were chirping all afternoon. The Cliff House thermometer even reached +1F by 2pm!

Best day of the season (so far).






Edit: Videos from the past few weeks, mostly from Stowe and Killington (and night skiing at Mohawk): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-RgMrlsgYc
Sorry, I didn't record much of the woods on Sunday.
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