TR: Shoulder season, multiple locations. spring-15

Yup, things just didn't go our way out in the Sierra. Winter just never came. Multiple weeks in winter of low snow and brilliant sunshine made for a spiritually, emotionally and financially difficult winter. People started dropping after presidents weekend and by Late March it was just a handful of us left. Even the bay area people gave up. We were all actually itching for work to close down so we could move on.

Pretty much everyday looked like this:


Which is great for google tans but when you're planning on skiing, on snow, it not good. Everyone gave up. First it was the vacationers flying in, then the bay area people and eventually even most of the locals put their skis away in disgust. Not me, I'm born and raised in New goddmaned Hampshire. This snow builds character and beats sitting home.

Work slowed way down, went to weekends only-fine by me I'll go to Santa Cruz and also ride my bike after skiing vs going to work. For me this is the start to vacation!

Some Santa cruz

Back at Kirkwood is was just a handful of people out daily. I'm not joking, many days just a dozen or two in the lot. I enjoy sunny days with a friend or two doing as we please. Fire it up! Anyway my day to finally be done work completely and move on from this abortion of a winter came in early April.

The very day after getting done with any sort of responsibility of commitment this happened:

remember everyone gave up, completely empty.

^^^They all skipped work and came for this random Wednesday though. The benefit to skiing no matter what is memorizing what areas are keeping a decent base. My plan on this day was unbeatable.

Couple days later and the Sierra death star came back and started cooking the snow signaling my time to move on....albeit a full month early.

Next up: Desert

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