Tuckerbrook 2/22/13

Condition: Sunny with temps in the mid 20's; soft snow and powder stashes.

Cannon was spinning the Mittersil double for the first time. We decided to hike the saddle and made a few runs on North ridge and lift line before bailing down Barons. Conditions were fairly good early on but the traffic really cased the surface to deteriorate quickly on liftline. After a coffee at the summit we headed skied down Vista at about noon. The trail was fairly tracked out but still powder to be had in the usual locations. We took a quick peak at Gunsite but there were no tracks and not knowing if the base was there beneath all the powder we opted not to chance it. Called a buddy who wasn't skiing and he agreed to pick us up at the Tuckerbrook trail head on short notice. Made it up the Saddle to the Tuckerbrook entrance and made quick work of the 13 turns. The snow was good mostly soft with nice bumps all over the switchbacks. Looked like a fair amount of traffic right to the cutback. After the traverse we dropped into the powder fields. There were maybe a half dozen skiers there before us so there were lots of freshies. Skiied the runoff to the cross country network and trail head. The trail has been very well maintained and thanks go out to all the dedicated individuals that have been doing all the hard work. This is probably my favorite trail on Cannon so it made for a great day. Took a few pics as well.
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