Wachusett 01.02.2013

Date(s) Skied:01.02.2013
Resort or Ski Area: Wachusett
Conditions: Machine Groomed
Trip Report:

Attended the first night of Night League Racing last night. Temps were pretty cold and the snow guns were blasting the whole time I was there. In fact they were making snow on Challenger (race course) when I arrived which surprised me. On the plus side they contacted the snow makers and got the guns shut off but there were still some fresh piles which required shoveling, raking and packing. Good job by the race staff to repair the course after this little mix up. Obviously fresh snow on the course wasn't the ice and ruts I prefer so my times were a bit off. I did come within a tenth of a second behind the pace setter so apparently everyone was struggling to find their fast.

For those of you that have raced there in the past, the lack of coat transportation is going to take some time for teams to adjust to. We've been spoiled with the snowmobile running our coats to the bottom of the course so teams could all race together then collect their gear at the bottom. Now teams will have to split up so some run gates and others carry their teammates coats. Eventually it will be the norm and far less confusing but last night with cold temps and confused teams, it didn't go smoothly.

Sadly due to the cold I only took 3 or 4 runs outside of the gates. Coverage was great and all the trails looked open from what I could tell. Not enough snow for moguls or park features yet but the guns were cranking all night so I expect they're probably planning on something other than corduroy for the weekend.

I messed up the year in the thread title. Guess I need more coffee!

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