Wachusett 01.03.15

The Weather:
Flat light
20 F or so,

The Snow:

Arrived at 8 and the upper lot was filling up fast. Booted up at the car and bought a discounted lift ticket upon showing my Silver pass ( not valid on weekend days during peak season).

Lapped everything that was open 3 or 4x each and by 11 even the singles line had quite a wait. What’s odd is that only Conifer was typical human pinball skiing – 10th was mostly a ghost town. Smith Walton had racer training on the left side and they were taking up the entire width of lower Smith (needlessly IMO). Too bad BC lower Smith was getting wind blown fresh snow from the Vickery Bowl snowmaking and skied amazingly compared to most else.

Conifer was in the toughest shape.
Here’s how the lifelines looked by 10:30 or 11:


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