Wachusett 11/21/19

Couldnt fight the urge to head up for a few runs after work. My brain told me it would probably suck but my heart said maybe it'll be soft and I need to ski.

Temps were in the 40s and sunny all day. I was hoping they'd stay above freezing but I knew it'd be bad when they quickly dropped into the upper 20s. The webcam didnt show any glimmering spots in the snow but upon walking in all I could hear was distant scraping.

It ended up being one of those 6 runs and done type of night. Two each on Conifer, Challenger, and Ralph's. Each skied the same, dust on China. Trying to set an edge was a frightening endeavor. Occasional loose pile of snow towards the trail edges but otherwise, yikes.

The good news is the base is still pretty deep. They really didn't lose anything this week in the cold rain, it just set up hard as a rock. Unfortunately no prolonged snowmaking temps in the near term but hopefully they can run the guns for a few hours tonight and put a skiable surface down.

Planning on getting up north Tuesday, looks like a sunny and 30s type day. Actually thinking Stratton as their trail rollout looks impressive. Plus no reason to waste Ikon days at Killington to ski a couple trails on Snowdon. Also keeping an eye on Loon but if it's Gondi only I won't go near the place.

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