Wachusett 11/25/18

Went up around 6 primarily to get some new clothing at the shop while it was on sale. With this morning's rain and temperatures being in the mid-30s, I kind of expected the conditions to be comparable to a luge track and I wasn't even really expecting to ski. But a couple people in the shop were saying conditons were "phenomenal" so I had to grab my skis and take a look.

About halfway down the first run on Look Mom, I was wishing I had driven up 3 hours earlier. It was pretty much a carbon copy of last Monday...soft, "wet" (but not really) snow, comfortable temperatures, and maybe 200 skiers on the mountain. They took great advantage of the cold temps this past week, opening Challenger, Look Mom, 10th, and Sundowner since the last time I was there.

Primarily spent the ~80 minutes that I had splitting runs between Conifer and 10th. Conifer was almost perfect...soft and ripable the entire way. Also now covered edge to edge the entire way so plenty of room to move around if any slow moving groups are taking up the trail. 10th had a slight scratchiness to it about midway, but overall skiing great as well.

Polar Quad was running very slowly when I first arrived, however during 1 run I saw someone climbing into the bottom terminal and all of a sudden it sped way up. Chopped approximately 2 minutes off each ride up. When they crank that thing it rivals Wildcat's quad for speed. Love 7 minute laps on 1,000 vert.

Heading up to Sunday River on Tuesday for the forecasted 12-18", will be my 3rd straight powder Tuesday. Guess it's a great day to have off from work. Just can't believe how this season is starting, but I'm sure we'll pay for it at some point so good to take advantage now.

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