Wachusett 11/26/16

Wanted to get out yesterday, but with the rain and later fog I decided to skip opening day. Today they posted on Facebook that Conifer is open so I decided to head up after work. Rolled in at 5:30 and saw no lights at the summit so right away wasn't too happy that I drove up mainly to ski Conifer just for the Facebook report and snow report to be false. Figured I'd get a few runs out of my trip anyway and lapped Challenger and Ralph's. Snow was actually pretty nice for the most part. Most of it was soft granular from today's upper 40s and last night's rain, but started to firm up as temps dropped through the 30s. Crowds were light but still got a little hairy at the 3 bottlenecks on Ralph's at times. Coverage was okay for today but you can tell it's pretty thin and the heavy rain coming this week might prevent them from being able to open next weekend. Glad they were able to open in November for the 5th year in a row, pretty good streak going. Just wish they would've updated about Conifer closing for the night session but at least it got me up there I guess.

New this year at Wawa is RFID cards. They're still working out bugs with the system and there were a few times that the line for the lift got backed up a little bit because either the system would glitch or people just couldn't figure out which pocket is "hip height". There is absolutely no room to work with between the Minuteman line and the scanners so with a full line that might get disastrous this winter. Hopefully they can make it work.

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