Wachusett 11/30/12 Opening day

Got up to Wachusett early to be there for the 9am opening. Kind of a limited opening with just two trails (Challenger and Ralph's). It was enough for my first day this season. The early crowd was light, and not enough to fill the lift, so it was ski on all morning.

I thought there might be some whales to ski over, but the trails were groomed flat. Looks like snowmaking was marginal and they didn't have a lot of extra stuff to waste.

It was frozen cord at first, but it loosened up a little after an hour or so, but it was generally pretty much hardpack. They had the guns going over on the other side of the hill, but it didn't look like it was making much snow.

I just did a couple of hours to get my ski legs back. I'm way out of shape, but it's a start.

A few pics:

They had the pump room open for snowmaking. Looks like they have some good sized equipment in there.

Base area before opening

Snowmaking on the beginner side



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