Wachusett – 1/16/13

Date(s) Skied: Wednesday 1/16/2013
Resort or Ski Area:
Wa Wa Wachusett
Wet Cement :snow:
Trip Report:

WaWa picked up 5" new snow (reported) overnight and had "Powder" conditions reported this morning. :lol:
They took a beating over the weekend so this little snow storm was huge for them going into the holiday weekend. With colder temps the second half of the week they should be able to get back to 90%.

Today they only had 10th Mountain open from the top. Conifer was technically closed but it wasn't roped at mid mountain so I hopped on over there a bunch and it was in fine shape, I'm thinking they're just saving it for the weekend. Same with Smith.

The Polar Quad was ski on all day and I thought the snow on 10th was great but it took a lot of work to ski and a lot of people were having trouble with the heavy mounds that formed...especially coupled with the zero-visibility.
There was a fine sleet-mist all day long which would rime up your goggles within 3 turns and sting your eyes if you went without.

I stayed away from the Minuteman Quad except for the first run because school was cancelled and the terrain park was in. The corrals on both sides were full all day, maybe 10 minute lines, not really sure because I just lapped 10th for the most part.
The park looked really good though, lots of cool features, not just the standard 2 launch ramps and a rail. And the kids were ripping it up, I saw a 540 and two backflips in my one trip up that lift.

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