Wachusett 1/18/2014 Night

Place: Wachusett
Date: 1/18/2014 Night
Conditions: Wet/Dense Powder, Packed Powder

This was one of those days where being lazy really paid off. I originally though of maybe heading up to Gunstock or Sunapee on Saturday this weekend because I was starting to get bored of Wawa these last couple weeks. But I had a long day of work Friday, and went to the Auto show Friday night, so I decided to sleep in as the forecast seemed iffy anyway. I woke up around 11am to rain and spent about 2 hrs surfing the web, at which time I noticed the rain had turned to snow. So it ended up being another Wawa weekend, but this time I was determined to be there on time ready to go at 4pm.

The last couple weeks I've been late for my night sessions, missing the uncrowded 4pm to 5:30pm time period. But because it was snowing, Wawa was less crowded than usual, and I never waited more than 3-4 minutes in the singles line. It seems to be a Wawa anomaly that it is least crowded when it is snowing out.

Conditions before the regroom were very rutted and bumpy. The snow was so wet and dense that it really packed down solid. So it was best to follow the groomers all night. It continued to snow until about 9pm, and it was snowing heaviest around 7pm. Overall I would say they got about 4" of good base building snow. All the trails are now back to skiing great. Nice to have a relatively uncrowded night at Wawa, with fresh snow, and barely any frozen granular. 22 runs total, more than I usually do at Wachusett.

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