Wachusett 12-22-2018

Date: 12-22-2018

Resort: Wachusett

Conditions: Wet Spring changing into firm frozen granular

Using my last voucher for Wachusett this season, I figured I would burn it today before it expires on the 24th And boy was I glad to! I arrived late around 11, to a virtual ghost town. They had both Conifer and 10th Mountain open and the plan was to lap that for a few hours. The snow starting out was soft and corn and by the time I finished around 2:30 it was starting to firm up as temps began to drop. The mountain crew did a great job preserving what they had, and it was a lot of fun to lap Wachusett on a Saturday with nobody there. Tomorrow I head to Gunstock for the day on my quest to ski 3 our of the 4 days!


Still a strong base:

Looking down 10th Mountain:

10th Headwall