Wachusett 12/23/2018

Actually went up last Thursday the 20th before the rainstorm (but after many days of snowmaking temps) and it was a slick mess. Only took 5 runs that day before I’d had enough. Went back up last night expecting it to really suck 48 hours after 2 inches of rain and 60 degrees and then only 1 night below freezing. However, somehow last night ended up being really damn good. They made a little snow Saturday night and somehow they worked enough magic in a short enough time that you’d never know it even rained.

Conifer and 10th were legit midwinter packed powder with a touch of hardpack here and there. Smith was more slick as I don’t believe they made snow over there. But I just couldn’t believe how good 10th and Conifer were. I arrived at 6, expected to leave by 7 but instead skied right till closing at 10. Hill to myself after 8 or so…small crowd before then but no lines.

Nothing really interesting, just know I’m usually critical about conditions there and the snowmaking and grooming teams deserve major kudos for getting it back into shape for Christmas week.