Wachusett 12/1/14

Wachusett Mountain
Breezy, bluebird and 45 degrees at the Summit at 11:00, dipping to mostly cloudy and 40 by 3:00.
Fingers been twitching on the trigger for a month now, finally pulled it and headed to WaWa with my Warren Miller early season freebie. On days like this Wachusett can be a fun little hill. It is a beautiful place. With two runs from the summit, 10th Mountain and Conifer Connection on December 1st, it was a great call. It did feel more like April 1st and unfortunately the run-off streams were roaring. Was nice to get out there and get the mojo going and break in my new set-up.

10th Mountain is a fun intermediate and was cream cheese goodness today. You could let it rip. Got a good workout lapping that many, many times. There were nice piles of snow on the sides to keep things entertaining for a few hours. Did a couple runs on conifer for photo ops. Pretty much empty hill and ski on the lift the whole session.
Kudos to Wachusett for opening this early when they probably don’t really have to.

Real sweet morning:

The little people started showing up in the afternoon:

topping things off with a WaWa Winter:

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