Wachusett 12/15/17

Temps looked like they would be cold up north today, so I decided to stay in the flatlands and hit up the mighty Wa. It was still pretty damn cold in the morning, but got up into the low 20's by midday. They missed out on the last storm, but with the cold weather they're trying hard to catch up by blowing snow 24 hours a day. So lots of skiing under the guns today.

They have maybe 50% of their trails open, with more opening this weekend, but not full width yet, and kind of sloppy grooming. The snow was hardpack, with some loose snow on top where the pitch was low, and ice rink stuff for some stretches. Mostly I wanted to get a good leg workout, but that was tough since the base was so firm the skis did all the work and I was just bombing down the runs like a racetrack trying to carve nice turns. I was wishing I had some narrower skis today for the conditions.

I haven't been to WaWa for a few years and they have an RFID ticket system now that's pretty neat. You don't have to attached a lift ticket to your jacket anymore, but just put a credit card sized RFID thing in your pocket and the gates can read it and open for you. If you go for another visit you can just re-use the same ID card. It's a way more convenient system than the old barcode scanners so I hope more areas will adopt this.

Pretty overcast all day, with flat light in the afternoon. There was a little bit of a crowd in the morning, but it thinned out to almost nothing after lunch. Should be jammed this weekend I imagine. Overall a decent day since I knew the conditions wouldn't be great going in and just made the best of it.

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