Wachusett 12/2/12 Night

First time out this year. I avoided going yesterday night because I figured with the snow falling on their first Saturday of the season, that the place would be mobbed for the three trails they have open. The warm temps today melted out the dusting from yesterday, but also made the trails buttery smooth. Out of all the first days I have had at Wawa over the years, these were the best conditions.

Did 10 laps off of Minuteman and 5 on Monadnock. Challenger is the best trail right now, Ralphs is kind of a mess because they decided to put up some park features halfway down making the trail over run with boarders. Indian Summer is pretty narrow, so I don't know if it will hold up with warmer temps. It started to rain after 7:00 so I got to test out the waterproofness of my new Patagonia shell and pants. Good first day and hopefully many more. And also I'm not even all that sore or tired.

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