Wachusett 12/23/13

I love going to Wachusett on a rainy day. Even during this busy week, it is guaranteed to have no crowd and nice soft snow.

This is one of our riding day that my daughter and I go snowboarding, just a couple days a season or so and we are slowly learning over the years. We are still beginner-intermediate level, and for us, today's condition was perfect.

As I expected, the crowd was very small, and within that small crowd, about 90% were park rats and they all stayed in Look mom and left rest of the mountain mostly empty. On most of the run, we had top to bottom ride all to ourselves. Thanks to decent early season condition, mountain was mostly well covered despite a few days of rain and it was only a handful of trails being closed.

After making sure that my daughter felt comfortable on all the blue runs off Minuteman (except look mom), I took her up to the summit for the first time (for riding). But thankfully, due to the ideal condition of nobody else being on the trail and with soft snow, she was very relaxed and after a couple of runs, was able to ride Conifer top to bottom non-stop.

By 2pm, we were getting wet down to our underwears and it was getting colder so we called it for the day. Overall, it was a nice relaxing trip and both of us made a pretty good progress.

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