Wachusett 2/15/14 (POWDER DAY!)

Time Skied: 9am to 4:15pm
Weather: :snow:SNOW (heavy at times) and foggy later in the day, temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's, no wind
Conditions: Powder and packed powder

I headed up to Wachusett this past Saturday since they got a FOOT of snow on Thursday and they were predicted to get another 5-8" of snow during the day on Saturday. I expected the mountain to be very crowded since it was the holiday weekend and because of all of the snow they got. However, the lifts were ski on most of the day and if I did have to wait it was only for 5 minutes max. One of the things that I really like about Wachusett is that they have THREE high speed quads that take you up the mountain. This really helps to diminish crowds and you can get up to the peak in less than five minutes. Got in around THIRTY runs on the day! From 9 to 10:30am it was beautiful - clear so you could see spectacular views from the trials. Then it started to snow! - from 10:30am to past 4:15pm it snowed moderately, but occasional heavy bursts or lighter parts. By 4pm, Wachusett probably received around 5". The coverage was EXCELLENT :smile: as expected. No ice spots at all, best conditions of the entire season! I went back and forth between the left side and the right side of the mountain, but both sides were equally as amazing :)! In the morning they had some sort of competition or event in the terrain park of "Look Mom" and on the "NASTAR Course" to the right of "Challenger." There were some amazing (unmarked) glades to the skiers right of Ralph's Run that I ventured into twice (and got on camera). They had excellent coverage and were somewhat challenging. Tenth Mountain Trail (black diamond) had moguls on the skiers left side which were icy, but the right side was excellent. Conifer Connection and Hitchcock Trail were both very nice runs with excellent coverage. There were many other various glades throughout the mountain that had some nice powder in them. This INCREDIBLE powder day deserves an A++!
I'll have some cool, edited videos from Wachusett on this thread soon!

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