Wachusett 3/22/18

Haven't really gotten up there too much this year. After Colorado and Sugarloaf it seems even more flat. But with the nice weather and good conditions figured it'd be a good afternoon to get out for a few hours.

Summit was skiing good early. With temps around 40 it was cream cheese snow everywhere. Pretty sticky...actually had to pole out of the bottom of Conifer because the snow was so slow. Balance Rock was in great shape as well...tons of tracks in the woods. If they didn't threaten you with jail theres actually some good lines in those woods. A few brown spots starting to poke out in various places but probably can be easily covered.

Hitchcock had a pretty nice mogul patch on the pitch before the Smith crossover. Hit that quite a few times...nice and soft and the pattern wasn't half bad for a Wachusett seeded run. 10th got mowed down sometime recently which sucks...those are always fun on days like today.

Around 6 the snow started getting colder and faster. Of course Wachusett hasn't given up the practice of grooming just in time for everything to freeze solid. Don't understand why they don't groom at 4 so the snow can stay soft. Can't fix stupid I guess.

Surprisingly decent crowd tonight. Summit chair had a small line after 6:30. Lots of beginners and rentals up there...those folks couldn't have picked a better day to try skiing for the first time. But with the snow freezing up and people flying everywhere decided to get out of there.

Heading up to Killington Sunday and Monday. Hope those woods stay good.

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