Wachusett March 4, and Stratton March 5 and 6

March 4
Night skiing, no wind, 30s, groomed granular conditions

I was on my way to VT from work on Monday night. Since I was driving by Wachusett with equipment in my car and I am a passholder there I stopped by for a few after work runs. Light crowds since many of the school groups have or soon will be ending. Conditions were very nice. Coverage was good. The snow was heavy granular and a bit chopped up but it was a nice night to be out and worth the pitstop.

March 5
Temps ranged from 20s to 30s, cloudy morning but mostly sunny afternoon, groomed conditions

I have a friend on Patrol at Stratton and she is very generous with her friend and family tickets. I met her and a family member at Stratton. When I arrived it was cloudy up top in the morning but no wind and no precip. Conditions were very nice and the snow was easy to carve. By midday it was warm and mostly sunny. I used to live in the Sierra Nevada foothills and midday conditions reminded me of what I used to experience in the Tahoe/Donner areas in the early spring. The Sun Bowl was warm but the conditions a little less soft. I am not a huge fan of the trails over there so we only spent part of the day over there.

The bumps on Lower Slalom skied very nice and I did a few runs in the glades. While the snow was not powder conditions in the trees the coverage was great. One of the best days of my season aside from the conditions the day after the blizzard (i have been out 15 days this year so far)

March 6th
Temps in the 20s, cloudy, windy, frozen precip and low visibility up top, groomed conditions

I only skied the morning of the sixth. Cooler and windier. The snow had hardened up over night. it was not hardpack and not atypical of Stratton but very different from the day before. Low visibility was the main issue with frozen precip up top. Overall not a bad morning and since I skied and stayed for free no complaints. I have included pictures all from the 5th. The cloudy photo was at 8:30 am and the sunny photo around 1 pm. Both days had no crowds to speak of. if I waited for more than two or three chairs to load in front of me it was a long wait.
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