Wachusett night skiing 12/20/17

My legs were bouncing off the walls all day bugging me to go skiing, so headed for the WaWa racetrack. Coverage is much improved since last Friday. All the main trails are open now, many of them with edge to edge coverage. I'd say they are about 90% open at this point. Still not much coverage under some of the lifts and various useful connectors are blocked off and not ready.

Snow was very firm hardpack with loose granular on top, but temps were warm enough that it wasn't too scrapey and you could get a decent edge if you skied it hard. They do a night grooming on the trails and that cleared up some of the ruts and made things smooth and fast. Saw a couple people got hurt and had to be tobogganed out by patrol, but hopefully nothing serious.

Temps started to drop as the night went on and they fired up the guns on Conifer and the Monadnock trails. I took a few runs under the guns, and that was fun, but really slowed down the surface. Favorite trails today were 10th and Hitchcock.

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