Wachusett: Sunday 11/25/2012

This is my first trip report, so here goes.

Some context: I've been doing the Instructor Training Course (ITC) at Wachusett. It started in early November, we start off doing indoor learning, then start going outside when there's snow. Yesterday, they decided the mini patch on Ollie's would be enough to demonstrate some teaching techniques, so that was my first time on skis this year. On Ollie's. Oh, the glory :spread:. Everything else was pretty much bare.

Last night, they made snow like crazy. When I arrived this morning, the whole hill was in a white snowmaking cloud. I saw a completely different situation from yesterday: Ralph's and Challenger were very, very white. The base area was covered with the stuff. Can't figure out why one of the pics is sideways. :oops:
The power of modern snowmaking! :snow: Other side of Minuteman was still completely bare. Only so much snow they can make at a time I guess.

We were on the snow for most of the day demonstrating how to teach beginners. I was surprised to see the guns going all the way past 1pm! At that point, the program was over for the day, so myself and a fellow ITC trainee decided to hike up Challenger. The trail was mostly covered by that point, barring minute amounts of unburied brush skier's right. We stopped just below the race starting shack and skied down. The snow was pretty much man made crust, but it was strong enough to support my weight and actually skied very nicely. Excellent coverage skier's left. There were some rolls, dips, and fun jumps: it really was a blast for such a short run (they didn't groom it yet). Much more fun than it is midwinter! At the bottom, the fun half of my brain was screaming for more. I had to be somewhere else though...

Based on the fact that Challenger (and Ralph's) were very skiable after only one night of snowmaking, and looking at the joyous forecast for this week, I think it's safe to say they can EASILY open before their projected Dec 1st date. The question is whether or not they actually will. Maybe they prefer a weekend opening for marketing reasons..?

Any thoughts? :argue:
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