Waterville 1/13

Date: Sunday 1/13
Location: Waterville Valley
Conditions: Wet/Frozen Groomed, Spring

Took advantage of the Simon Malls holiday promotion for the pre paid AMEX card which netted me a Sun-Fri WV or Cranmore ticket. I'm generally not a big fan of WV's terrain or lift layout...place skis a lot smaller than its vertical would suggest. But I figured I'd get some good turns in before the Pats game tonight.
Thick fog on my drive up this AM. I left my house in Epping NH at 6:25 and was parked by 7:50. Geared up quickly and rode the White Peaks up. Mtn was sunny at this point and I could see the inversion below....really cool vistas from up there.
Mtn was all locked up for the first hour. The wet spring conditions from yesterday must have gotten just cold enough to re freeze. Made for challenging/rough conditions to start the day.
Sun started working its magic quickly though and everything softened up nicely. Mainly lapped the Sunnyside triple chair. True Grit was ok, Gema/Ciao were better. Tippecanoe was really nice over on the Northside chair. The runs in the middle of the mtn (Upper Bobby's, Chute) were not as good....mainly in the shadows so stayed firmer. I stuck to the upper mtn all morning...ski on Sunnyside and Northside. Did High Country a couple times....did they speed that chair up recently?---seemed to be running faster than I remember.

Good day---skied for a solid 4 hours and prob bagged close to 20k of vert. I will say if you avoid the High Peaks quad at the base u can bang a lot of runs out quickly at WV.

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