Waterville 2/23/14

Went to Waterville today. Was a combination of packed powder and frozen granular.

Crowdwise, it was the slowest I've ever seen business at Waterville on a weekend. They probably did slightly more business than what I've seen them do vs the times I went midweek last year. It was a bit seemingly busy at opening bell, but crowds quickly dispersed, and it was mostly due to a race over by the World Cup T Bar. The average line at white peaks was about a minute as it was less than a 15 chair wait for most of the day; and the busiest the White Peaks corral got was 2 lanes that were opened completely full plus 6 singles between the two singles lanes opened. Funny that a group of doubles tried to go up on their own when the liftie that's always in charge of White Peaks traffic paired them up with another group of doubles. He went to them again and told them to slide go up with the other group of doubles. After going there a couple times, you kind of get the point that you won't go up the White Peaks Quad with any empty seats there's anymore than a 15 chair wait for more than a few minutes. Anyway, it is great to see a liftie pleasantly serious about his job. He playfully hollered at the liftie to not slow the lift when it seemed to stop for no reason to not stop it. All the other lifts was ski on with Sunnyside loading at about 25% of its capacity.

Makes me want to scratch my head about the Green Peak Expansion if it's been this slow all season. Some of the regulars say they've seen Sunnyside closed on some midweek days, and the word was Saturday 2/22 was only slightly busier than today.

It started out firm and fast, but it softened up with the sun coming out. ROTD was easily the boneyard with enjoyable soft and enjoyable bumps on the left side; the right side looked icy although I didn't hit any ice all the way down on the left. True Grit and Gema skied nicely in the morning although it got skied off in the afternoon. Ciao looked like it had hardpacked bumps so I skipped it. Northside trails remained great til closing bell. One of my favorite trails, Lower Bobbys Run was closed due to a big bare spot going across the trail about 1/3 of the way down right around where it drops down from its only traverse, and was a little surprised that there's no jumps on psyched as there normally are. I was overall very pleased with the conditions though.

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